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With such diverse landscape, Greece has so much to offer that it can puzzle you as to where and how to relocate.  

That’s why we are here. 



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Moreover, the Digital Nomad Visa has been introduced by Law 4825/2021 (Government Gazette A' 157/4.9.2021) for foreigners who seek to work remotely from Greece.

What kind of status does the Digital Nomad Visa provide?
Holders of a Digital Nomad Visa have the legal right to live and work in Greece, but they do not have access to any Greek dependant job or commercial activity in Greece.

What types of people are eligible for a Digital Nomad Visa?
Third-country (non-EU) citizens who operate remotely with employers or clients outside of Greece utilising information and communication technologies, either as dependent workers or as self-employed individuals (digital nomads).

What authority is in charge of issuing the Digital Nomad Visa?
The Greek consular authority at the applicant's primary residence has the power to grant a Digital Nomad Visa through a fast track procedure. The responsible authority of the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum issues the Digital Nomad residency permit.

What are the minimum requirements for obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa?
To be qualified for a Digital Nomad Visa, the applicant must demonstrate (among other things) that he or she has adequate means, such as a consistent income, to support his or her living expenditures throughout his or her stay in the country without putting a strain on the country's social assistance system. The monthly budget for sufficient resources is established at three and a half thousand euros (3,500).

The aforementioned minimal amount refers to the applicant's net income after payment of the applicable taxes in the nation where the employment or services are given if the applicant's resources are derived from dependent employment or independent supply of services.

For the husband or cohabitant, the aforesaid amount is raised by 20%, and for each kid, it is increased by 15%.

Furthermore, the applicant must supply proof demonstrating that he or she is a dependent employee or self-employed individual working remotely with employers or clients outside of Greece for the duration of the Digital Nomad Visa's validity term.

Am I qualified for a Digital Nomad Visa if I am already in Greece?
A citizen of a third nation, as well as members of his or her family, who satisfy the requirements for a Digital Nomad Visa and have already entered Greece, with a uniform type of visa or a visa waiver regime has the option to apply for a Digital Nomad residence permit through the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum's one-stop facility within the validity duration of their existing visa. They will be needed to present evidence establishing their home address in Greece in this situation.

Is it possible to get a Visa for family members?
Family members are eligible for an individual visa, which is valid for the same term as the digital nomad visa but does not allow them to work or engage in professional activities in Greece.

What is the duration of a Digital Nomad Visa?
The duration of a Digital Nomad Visa is up to 12 months. If the third-country national believes he or she will remain eligible beyond that time, he or she may apply for a Digital Nomad residence permit, which has a two-year validity duration, prior to the expiration of the Visa (with option of renewal). Family members are also eligible in this instance.

Consulting & Services

Our Sessions

Our Exclusive Offer includes:

A Free Online Session:

A session with our team to get to know you and dive into your needs. 

A Consulting Session:

After having exhaustively studied your needs, we will present you with tailor-made proposals to single out your ideal Workation plan.

A "Get Me Ready To Go" Session:

During this session, we will identify and provide solutions for all practical matters to facilitate your relocation in Greece for Workation. This can include issues such as visas, taxation, health insurance, accommodation and consultation on local culture and lifestyle.

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