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Remote Work & Workation



Workation (work plus vacation) means working remotely from a place usually chosen for vacations; it is a new way of combining business and pleasure. A way to break from the psychologically exhausting routine through the excitement of an immediate setting for relaxation and restoration. 

The idea of relocating for a few weeks, a month or even longer to a favourite destination does seem like a fascinating idea. Take a second and imagine yourself up in the mountains or sitting in front of a serene beach with your laptop, in loose clothes and a cup of fresh grounded coffee or a cocktail . Who wouldn't love that, especially now? In fact, you can also add up the benefits of pleasant weather and unlimited access to outdoors along with fun activities like swimming, trekking, yoga or biking.


Whom For

WorkationGreece is your best choice for experiencing a productive, unwinding & hassle free workation break in Greece

The “wanderlust” of Digital Nomads,

describing a specific lifestyle of travelling the world while working remotely, has been well-known for the last decade.

Moreover, in recent years,

the trend of remote work in companies is on the rise and the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions worldwide, ended up highly accelerating its adoption in all types of businesses across industries.

Work remotely, from home or otherwise,

has some significant benefits. But it’s now proving to be one of the most stressful work settings. Although people are perhaps enjoying their new working lifestyle, they are often facing stress, anxiety, and fatigue, mainly related to the lack of live human interaction & socialisation.


is driven by the need to accommodate the effects of “remote work fatigue”. Our services address Digital Nomads, (Neo) Remote Workers of all trades, both freelancers & company employees, individuals or teams. 

Our workations

are especially designed to help remote workers take a short or long break from their usual working environment and relax, recharge, connect and meet other like-minded people, while experiencing the authentic Greek lifestyle.



Join us and combine work with relaxation and fun.
Pack your bag and laptop and immerse yourself in the lively Athenian scenery or in the idyllic landscape of a Greek island.
Consult with us, if you consider  working remotely from Greece for longer.

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